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Raising children is complicated in the best of situations. Parents get divorced. Children get older. People get remarried. Parties get transferred. Jobs are lost. Fortunes change disproportionately. All of life is a series of changes. Change ripples through a divorced family without the structure of the marriage relationship. Without a kitchen table. With separate houses. With new responsibilities. Change rarely occurs in a vacuum. The changes in one child's life impact not only that child's life, but the lives of their parents and the lives of their siblings. The change in one parent's life affects the children and potentially the former spouse. The issue is then how to address that change. What structure? What process? Collaborative lawyers use a "family systems approach" in an attempt to provide an atmosphere which is safe and to provide a process which looks at the parties and their children in a healthy and productive manner.

"In a Collaborative Law situation, you can do all kinds of things, come up with very creative and innovative solutions that work for one family but may not work for somebody else. These are the things I may not have the ability to do or the time to come up with in a litigated divorce, given the crush of the rest of my docket."
– Mark Rusch, District Judge

Dallas Alliance of Collaborative Family Lawyers, whose members are located in Dallas and Collin Counties.

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