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We live in a world which has no real, long-term historical perspective. As a society we have a broader and more extensive wealth than our parents and grandparents. There is more "family money," which there is a desire to perpetuate for other generations. Marriages are occurring later in life for some people. There are more divorces. People are living longer. People are remarrying more often. How do you address your property, which if not addressed timely in light of a new marriage, will be subjected to a rather unforgiving set of community property laws? At the same time, no one wants to start their marriage with an adversarial process which often degenerates into hurt feelings. Collaboratively trained lawyers can take you beyond positional bargaining to a point where real interests and real needs are addressed through planning. Sitting down at a conference table to carefully walk through the needs of the clients sets the tone for the future of the relationship and increases the enforceability of the agreement, in the event that the relationship terminates.

"The prenuptial agreement bings a pacticality and realism to what is a real idealistic kind of state."
Dr. Carolyn Ashworth (Represented in Collaborative Law negotiation of a premarital agreement by a member of the Dallas Alliance of Collaborative Family Lawyers) Dallas Morning News (11/18/2002)

Dallas Alliance of Collaborative Family Lawyers, whose members are located in Dallas and Collin Counties.

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